Los Angeles County School Safety Project

Date June 13, 2022

Re: Los Angeles County School Safety Project

For Immediate Release

Recent unspeakable acts of violence, as well as lingering pandemic related angst have left students, staff, parents, and guardians in the midst of unprecedented stressors. Teachers can’t teach and students can’t learn unless they feel safe.

The Campus Safety Group, in collaboration with the Los Angeles County Office of Education, the Los Angeles County Police Chiefs Association, and the Los Angeles Area Fire Chiefs Association, is facilitating a school safety project designed to assure participating schools and school districts have the resources and support necessary to meet Ed Code expectations for comprehensive school safety plans.

California school districts, charter schools, and private schools are encouraged to consider this project as an opportunity to revisit existing campus safety procedures and upgrade to the most current resources
with guidance and support from experts and community safety partners.

For more information about the project:

Email: LAschoolsafetyproject@campussafetygroup.com
Call: 855-537-7526

New Campus Safety Partnership & Project for California Schools