Incredibly proud to do what we do!

At the Campus Safety Group, we are about “boots on the ground” application. Our team members are on the front lines of safety planning and response.

Campus Safety Group’s Executive Manager, Soraya Sutherlin, has stepped to the plate during the covid crises. Her unique skills and background thrust her to the position of Joint Information Center (JIC) Manager for the 14 communities comprising Southern California’s “South Bay.” She is also the liaison for the Los Angeles Area Fire Chiefs in the Los Angeles Joint Regional Information Center (JRIC).

Our own Tom Steele has been tasked by the Los Angeles County Office of Education and California Department of Education to update the safe school plan compliance manual. (Last revised 20 years ago!)  This manual sets the foundation for success in meeting mandates related to school safety.  This is an enormous task and we are extremely proud that Tom and CSG will be setting the tone for school safety throughout the state of California!

New Campus Safety Partnership & Project for California Schools